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Keeping Up with the Latest Red Angus Technologies

Where are Red Angus most popular?

Today, Red Angus are seeing unparalleled popularity both in the U.S. and internationally. In fact, the growing notoriety of the breed is bringing worldwide demand for breeding stock from South Africa, Australia and South America, where the majority of the cattle are red in colour.


Red Angus is a recognized leader in beef cattle genetics, providing ranchers with advanced technologies and resources to help them succeed. From breeding decisions to herd management, Red Angus Technologies have always been at the forefront of advancing the beef industry. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the latest innovations in Red Angus Technologies, and provide some tips for keeping up with them.

How Red Angus Technologies are Advancing the Beef Industry

Red Angus Technologies has long been dedicated to embracing leading-edge technologies to help producers improve their operations. From advances in genomics to innovative ways of tracking animals, they’ve been at the forefront of the evolution of the beef industry. Here are some of the cutting-edge technologies they’re developing:

– Breed Value Index: The Breed Value Index (BVI) is a genetic improvement tool developed by Red Angus Technologies. The BVI estimates the expected performance of an animal for various traits, such as heifer pregnancy, weaning weight, growth rate, and more. This allows producers to make more informed decisions when selecting animals for their herds.

– Intelligent Animal Monitoring System (IAMS): The IAMS system is a cloud-based platform that uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to track individual animals. The system gives producers the ability to monitor their animals’ health and nutrition, as well as record management events such as vaccination and castration.

– Embryo Transfer: Embryo transfer is an advanced reproductive technology used by Red Angus Technologies. It allows producers to move embryos from top cows to genetically-inferior cows, in order to produce offspring with superior genetics. This technology is especially beneficial to small-scale operations, as it allows them to maximize their resources.

Tips for Keeping Up with the Latest Technological Developments

If you’re looking to stay up to date on the latest advancements in Red Angus Technologies, here are a few tips:

– Stay Connected: The best way to stay in the know is to follow Red Angus Technologies on their various social media platforms. This will ensure that you always get the news first.

– Read Up: Red Angus Technologies have multiple publications that are chock-full of useful information about beef industry trends and the latest technologies. Make sure to read these regularly.

– Attend Events: Red Angus Technologies often host events and seminars to showcase their latest innovations. If you’re looking to stay current on the latest developments, attending these events is a great way to do so.


Red Angus Technologies is one of the most innovative players in the beef industry, constantly striving to develop better technologies to aid producers. Keeping up with the latest advancements in their technologies is the key to staying ahead of the curve. By following the tips outlined here, you’ll be able to easily stay up to date on the latest Red Angus Technologies.

In the world of cattle breeders, Red Angus technology has been advancing quickly in recent years. Red Angus cattle have always been known for their excellent feed efficiency, hybrid vigor, rapid growth, and top-notch carcass characteristics; and now, with the latest innovations in genetics, even better performance is becoming available to ranchers.

One of the most important developments in Red Angus technology is the use of infrared imaging in beef production. This technology measures the reflectance of light and heat energy from the animal’s body surface and compares it with a range of internal characteristics, including fat depth and marbling. By studying these data, producers can use factors like genotype, external measurements, and infrared imaging to make more informed decisions about which Red Angus bulls and heifers to use for breeding, feedlot placement, and carcass yield.

In addition to infrared imaging, advances in genetic knowledge and genomic testing have yielded even more data about the genetic potential of Red Angus cattle. DNA testing for traits like growth, consistency, and maternal performance is now available, and tests can be run on both live specimens as well as embryos and semen. The data from these tests can be used to accurately identify and select animals with the best combination of traits and complements desired by breeders.

Finally, more efficient feed lot and management tools are becoming widely available to those raising Red Angus, allowing them to more accurately track and manage the performance of their animals. Automated systems combine data from feed inputs and outputs, weather conditions, animal BWs, carcass traits and other variables to provide detailed information and alerts that help producers track the performance of their herds and stay on top of their herd health.

In summary, the advancements in Red Angus technology make it easier than ever for cattle breeders to produce high-performance animal products. By taking advantage of the latest innovations in genetics, infrared imaging, and feed lot management, breeders can breed better cattle and track the performance of their herds more efficiently and accurately.

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